Why HSRPs?

High Security Registration Plates are becoming the norm to ensure standardisation across the country. These registration plates can be issued only by Government authorised agencies. To ensure safety and control, these HSRPs act as deterrents for anti-social elements to use vehicles for criminal activity. Since these can not be removed without leaving behind evidence of tampering and because issuance is controlled, they have proven to be of great advantage. The regulation aids law enforcement agencies and vehicle owners as it makes tracking vehicles easier.

Affixing the HSRPs using a snap lock ensures that it can not be removed intact or reused. The retro reflective sheets used to make the HSRPs enhance nighttime visibility, saving precious human lives. With a Unique Permanent Identification Number (PIN) stored in the National Vehicle Database along with other vehicle details, our vehicles are traceable and hence, safer.

Sizes of the plates
Size Specification Size Specification Size Specification Size Specification
285 X 45 mm 200 x 100 mm 500 x 120 mm 340 x 200 mm
Used in Used in Used in Used in
Motorcycles Scooters,
Motorcycles and
3 Wheelers
and LCV
Security Features of HSRP

Chromium based holograms

Chromium based holograms are stamped at extremely high temperatures. This makes it practically impossible to be removed or tampered with.

For further security, the holograms carry the image of the “Chakra? in blue colour.


Retro Reflective Sheet (RRS)/Reflective features

To reduce accidents, reflective sheets are used that enhance visibility from a distance of over 200 metres.

These sheets also help provide increased night time visibility.


Security Inscript

We use pearlescent pigment ink to hot stamp the letters/numerals with a specialised foil. There is also an ingrained “IND? legend in blue colour for national identity and standardisation.


Snap lock

With an external fastening device used for bolting, there is an added layer of security. After securing the plates onto the vehicles, the snap lock can not be removed intact or reused.

Since the use of such locks is restricted, it makes it more difficult to tamper and replace. This is a globally acclaimed and recognised system.


Third licence plate sticker on the windscreen

A self destructive chromium based hologram sticker is pasted on the top left corner of the windshield of vehicles. It includes all the details of the vehicle and registration. In the event of replacement of the HSRP, the sticker will be replaced as well.


Laser etched 12-digit alphanumeric code

Below the IND legend is a unique laser alpha-numeric code of minimum 9 digits. This links the vehicle and the owner details with a database stored with NIC.

The PIN readers can easily identify miscreants in accidents, hit and run or road rage cases.