Security License Plates: Blank & Personalized

FTA manufactures and supplies both blank and personalized license plates that meet the specific requirements and adhere to local laws of a country.

Blank License Plates:

Each blank plate is equipped with a unique alphanumeric laser code etched onto it making it distinctive. This code, along with several other security features, helps prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized production, making them a valuable tool in combating vehicle-related crimes. FTA has a current production capacity of 3 Million Blank License Plates per month.

Personalized License Plates:

Personalization of plates typically occurs locally under strict government authority supervision. FTA collaborates closely with these authorities to provide localized services from a centralized processing center (CPC). To date,FTA has successfully supplied personalized plates to over 50 million registered vehicles.

Security Features of Our License Plates

FTA license plates incorporate a multi-layered security system to deter counterfeiting and tampering. Here's a breakdown of the key features:

Chromium based holograms

Customized, weatherproof holograms are stamped on the plates at extremely high temperatures. Once stamped these cannot be removed or tampered with.


Retro Reflective Sheet (RRS)/Reflective features

Retroreflective sheet enhances nighttime visibility, ensuring visibility from a distance of over 200 meters.


Security Inscript

We use pearlescent pigment ink to hot stamp the letters/numerals with a specialised foil. There is also an ingrained “IND� legend in blue colour for national identity and standardisation.


Snap lock

A special security locking mechanism called Snap Lock is used to affix license plates. Once fastened, snap locks cannot be removed intact or reused, making the swapping of license plates almost impossible.


Third licence plate sticker on the windscreen

Apart from the front and the rear license plate of a vehicle, another layer of security is added using a self-destructive hologram-based sticker. This is called the ‘Third license plate’. It provides complete vehicle and owner details and is pasted on the inside of the windscreen. Once pasted, the holographic film gets partially or completely destroyed upon any attempt of tempering.


Laser etched 12-digit alphanumeric code

A unique combination of alphanumeric code distinctive to each plate is laser etched on the Blank License Plate. After personalization, this code is registered in the national database along with the vehicle and owner details.


Hot Stamping Foil

Letters and numerals of the vehicle registration number are hot stamped using hot stamping foil which can have a customized inscription.


Special Marks

Special customized laser marks are put on the License plates and usually contain the country code, flag or symbol which is visible only at a certain angle, adding to the uniqueness of a plate.


QR Code

A two-dimensional barcode containing all information related to the specific plate is included.



A barcode containing information ofabout the plate is applied to the back of the plate.